Indorama, Evertis work on PET thermoform circularity

The companies are responding to packaging regulations and consumer demand. | Courtesy of Indorama and Evertis

PET film company Evertis and chemical company Indorama Ventures are collaborating to make PET thermoforms more circular.   Automatic Blister Machine

Indorama, Evertis work on PET thermoform circularity

The partnership aims to use flake from recycled PET thermoforms to produce PET film suitable for food packaging trays, a press release noted , calling the joint venture “an important step in diverting PET trays from landfill or incineration.”

Indorama Ventures is commercially producing RPET flakes from post-consumer thermoforms at its Verdun facility in France after six years of testing and development. That will increase the amount of RPET available and help bolster the use of PCR in thermoforms and films, the press release stated, because the technology has the potential to divert more than 50 million post-consumer PET thermoforms from landfill or incineration each year.

Marta Matos Gil, chief sustainability officer at Evertis, said in the press release that the partnership helps Evertis meet sustainability goals and boost product innovation, which is “crucial in the current market, where our clients face new packaging regulations and consumers are concerned about the environmental impact of the products they buy.” 

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A study from The Recycling Partnership proposed ways to raise the recycling rate of residential recyclables – which the group puts at 21%. 

Some of the largest brand owners, resin producers and other packaging stakeholders in Canada reported their progress on voluntary goals made through the Canada Plastics Pact this week. 

A federal judge quashed an order from the Canadian government declaring all plastics to be toxic substances, but the effect of the ruling is still unclear. 

California is moving ahead on implementation of its extended producer responsibility law. The state agency recently released a draft of the regulations and selected a producer responsibility organization. 

Illinois may or may not be the next state to pass a bill setting up a beverage container deposit return system under Senate Bill 85, and industry players recently debated the benefits and concerns around the bill. 

A long-running post-consumer plastic market development program in California has been modified to further incentivize PET container recycling.

Some of the largest brand owners slightly increased the amount of recycled plastic they used globally in 2022. And in the U.S., end market demand for RPET grew notably last year, even as bottle collection slipped.

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Indorama, Evertis work on PET thermoform circularity

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