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It is a small item, not excessively expensive, and increasingly used by women and also by men.The straighteners, perfected in size, portability and technology, have become an almost essential element for those who, before leaving home, want to make sure their hair is as if they had just visited the hairdresser.

When choosing what type of straightener we want, various factors may come into play, such as the thickness and temperature it can reach, hair type or budget.In this guide prepared by S Moda, some elements were pointed out to take into account when preparing this choice, such as knowing how to differentiate between wide plates and thin plates, controlling how much money it is advisable to invest or warning of the existence of products designed to iron with the wet hair. Hair Stetner Comb

The 10 best hair straighteners, according to Amazon customers |Beauty |Showcase |THE COUNTRY

Be that as it may, to purchase this type of product that is going to be used in the home, it is useful to know the experience of other users.For this reason, in the same way as with men's shavers and trimmers or baby monitors, at EL PAÍS Escaparate we have delved into Amazon Spain to select the items that have the most opinions and the best average rating from buyers.In our search, we have only taken into account models with more than 300 ratings published by users and with a minimum average of 4 stars out of 5. The result is 10 models from reference brands, with which you can get an item of great quality for less than 40 euros in some cases.

Pros: David Navarro highlights numerous aspects to justify his satisfaction with the purchase: “It heats up very quickly (…) With one pass it straightens without problem even though I have very curly and hard hair.Aesthetically, it has a modern and simple appearance (…) It is an iron with a very good quality-price ratio,” he concludes.Other buyers focus on the benefits of a product that does not have a very high price.“Evidently this is not a professional product, although in some cases it seems that way.My partner has tried different irons from various brands, and, without a doubt, so far, this is the one that has offered the best results,” says icastroX.

Cons: Vanessa Chan confesses that she made the purchase out of urgency and that it did not leave her completely satisfied: “I understand that for that price you cannot ask for the same as ghd, but it has disappointed me (…) The straightening is not bad, But it doesn't convince me, too many passes and it doesn't purify it well, it leaves my hair weak and dull," he says.Apparently, this article did not fully adapt to the needs of Christiane, who claims that it did not work well for her hair type: “The straightener is not bad at all, but it did not slide on my hair as it should, the best for the dye or for having thick hair,” he explains.

Pros: This client highlights the Remington hair straightener for its aesthetics, ergonomics and ultra-fast heating, stating that “it is worth it.”Furthermore, he thinks that “After having ordered and returned 4 different models from the Regminton brand, I tried this one, I really like it, it straightens well even at 180. (...) It has fewer ratings and purchases than other models but it really deserves the sorrow."In addition, its plates contain argan oil, guaranteeing smooth and shiny hair, and it has nine adjustable temperature levels.

Cons: Now, this is a straightener model more focused on medium length hair or short, fine hair, so it may not be the best option for curly or very thick hair.Thus, clients like Benjamin think that it has not been a great purchase with comments like the following: “for my hair, which is very long and has a lot of volume, it doesn't work for me, it takes me a long time to iron my hair but it would work for finer hair.”

Pros: Above all, they stand out for their quality-price ratio, which has nothing to envy of other more recognized models such as ghd hair straighteners, as Laura assures: “I have been using it almost daily for almost a month.I always used ghd.I am impressed with these straighteners that leave my hair the same with that abysmal difference in price.Among its most striking features, the Rowenta hair straightener is perfect for travel due to its lightness (350 grams), it heats up in 30 seconds, it has a locking system and the plates incorporate a ceramic coating.

Cons: The con, like many other models, is that they are not ideal straighteners for hair with a large amount of hair or curly hair, given that their plates are thin.As Cris thinks, “they don't heat up enough to iron slightly wavy hair.”Likewise, many other customers think that “it leaves a lot to be desired.”

Pros: “Good, pretty and cheap iron,” says this client, who gives it a full five stars out of five, highlighting it for the softness and shine it brings to the hair.“In addition, it has a screen that allows you to select the temperature and indicates when it reaches the desired temperature.The use temperature can be locked.Also bring the ion thing (it makes a small noise but it's not annoying).I tried doing a curl and you can do them too (the cord is swivel).”An all-in-one with high anti-frizz power!

Cons: Although, despite the large number of positive reviews it has, there are also many customers who have the opposite opinion, such as Anabel, who assures that it was not what was expected or Rosa, who thinks that “you need several passes and the hair gets caught (...) You have to use a lot of force on the plates.”Additionally, many of the negative reviews agree that it makes an uncomfortable noise when operating.

Pros: It is a straightener that “leaves the hair very well”, as this client assures, which also guarantees that “the hair slides very well through the plates”.And they are designed with a keratin and argan oil coating, as well as ionic technology to prevent frizz.In addition, its temperature and also serve to make waves.

Cons: However, despite all its positive features, the Cecotec hair straightener falls short in terms of features for clients like Tamara, who believes that “they are good for the price they have.They eliminate frizz as they say and for me they work because they straighten my bangs and little else.But they have very little power, if you want them to straighten all your hair and you have a lot of hair like me, you could spend all day doing it.”

Pros: “Babyliss does not disappoint,” says David, a customer who highlights it for providing an ultra-smooth glide, for its six temperature settings, as well as for its ionic function and for being accompanied by a really practical heat-resistant case to store it.And he is not the only one who chooses it as one of her favorites, other clients like Ruben.L, define it as a “powerful” hair straightener and assure that it “offers hairdressing results.Its extra-long floating ceramic plates allow for gentle and efficient straightening, achieving straighter and shinier hair in a short time.”

Cons: Regarding the weak points, these are very few, if not none.Although putting together customer reviews, the Babyliss hair straightener leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to providing a long-lasting anti-frizz effect, as Mónica believes.

Pros: This ghd hair straightener is perfect for straightening, curling and creating waves.It has two state-of-the-art heat sensors (one on each plate), to evenly maintain the temperature at a constant intensity of 185 degrees, achieving a professional finish effortlessly.It is always among the favorite models for its speed and quality, as Raquel believes, and for leaving a polished finish without damaging the hair.In addition, it is the best option for the most rebellious hair that is difficult to straighten, as stated by Rosa, who defines it as “spectacular”: “I have wavy hair.Difficult to comb.With other straighteners it looked horrible. I have tried them once and I want to point out that in two passes of large strands my hair turned out beautiful.”

Cons: However, even the most recognized and best-rated brands have their enemies, so there are also many customers who think that these hair straighteners are overrated, like Al, or that they would not buy them again, like Esther. .Both agree that they have obtained the same results with other different and cheaper hair straighteners.

Pros: Above all, they stand out for their wide range of temperatures to choose from, with a total of 12 interchangeable intensities.It is a Philips model designed with extra-smooth plates to offer faster results and for the hair straightener to glide smoothly, avoiding pulling.In addition, they are made with an argan oil coating that guarantees a shiny and beautiful finish.Thus, clients like Pilar think that they “iron very well” and even rate them as “better than ghd”, as is the case with Ariana.

Cons: Against it is the power, which may be insufficient for long hair or hair with a lot of volume, like Sonia: “The truth is that the straightener does its job, although it is not too powerful and, in my case, it does not take away my hair. the frizz.I have wavy hair and it is true that you don't need many passes, with one or two it will straighten it.One drawback it has is that it does not close completely and for strands with little hair it does not work very well.I don't consider it professional, but it does its job," which gives it a total of three stars out of five.

Pros: “The truth is that the product is very good.I love using it.I programmed my hair and ironing it is easier than with other straighteners, plus the ironing lasts a long time,” says Jaime C., who declares himself in love with a product that he finds very practical and safe.In Cristina's case, there are also two people who benefit from the purchase: “I bought it for my daughter.She didn't iron her hair for fear of burning her hair, and this is wonderful.By the way, I also use it, since it has up to three profiles.”For his part, Adrián defines the article as a “wonder”: “The feel of the irons is a joy, it glides over the hair very smoothly without damaging it,” he explains.

Cons: An anonymous user advises against using this straightener for certain people, depending on their hair type: “It's not good for thick, curly hair.For it to remain completely smooth, you have to go over it many times and even then I didn't get the result I wanted and to which I am used."Although he has given it an acceptable score, another anonymous customer prefers to list the flaws he has found in the product, among which he has pointed out the absence of a carrying bag, the size of the iron or the lack of a locking system. when the device is turned off.

Pros: Despite the initial doubts, Susana believes that she was right with her purchase: “I had had other straighteners and I was very doubtful about buying this one... I was not wrong, it is a wonderful straightener, it takes very little time to iron an entire mane of hair. ”.And compared to other straighteners, she adds: “[An] advantage over the ghd is that the Karmin regulates the temperature and so you can increase it so as not to damage your hair,” she says.The fact of comparing with others has also added satisfaction to the purchase of this anonymous buyer: “I have been using professional irons for years, but since I tried Karmin I haven't changed.They are light, they do not damage my hair, they leave it impeccable in a short time and those small hairs that were always bothering me with this straightener all go down,” she explains.

Cons: “I have not found any difference with previous cheaper ones, sold in department stores.My hair is very fine and dyed, with a tendency to frizz.Temperature regulation is difficult,” says Concha A., who is not completely satisfied with the purchase in the same way as Judith, a user who believes she has paid too much for what she has obtained: “Very expensive for The material and design, it does not seem resistant, I have tried it and I do not like it, I have returned it.”

All purchase prices included in this article are current as of November 3, 2023.

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The 10 best hair straighteners, according to Amazon customers |Beauty |Showcase |THE COUNTRY

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