Best T-shirts for men 2024: white tees to long-sleeves | British GQ

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Best T-shirts for men 2024: white tees to long-sleeves | British GQ

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Much like a good friend, the best of your T-shirts should be relied upon for comfort, support, and – above all else – style inspiration. As the ultimate foundational piece, a reliable stack of T-shirts ought to be the most trustworthy facet of your wardrobe. That's not to say all T-shirts are created equal, however, and there are more than a few styles out there to choose from.

Here to help you pick your way through the vast selection, here we've outlined the key styles that should feature in every man's tee, from James Dean-approved plain white to the graphic stylings of Justin Bieber, Harry Styles and co, as well as a smattering of our editor's own go-tos.

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Well, how long is a piece of string? Some things, dear reader, can simply not be measured. A fundamentally important foundational piece, the role of a good T-shirt is not to be undervalued, and thusly one can find themselves with more than a chest of drawers full of the simple silhouette. If you must demand a figure, we'd suggest upwards of five and limiting yourself before reaching fifty… if only for reasons of storage.

All in all, a T-shirt should last you anywhere from six months to two years — assuming you keep a moth-free wardrobe, that is. Provided you're investing in quality tees and washing with care (and plenty of fabric softener), there's no need to worry about out-wearing your precious pieces for a good few seasons to come.

It should come as no surprise when we say that cotton is about as classic as T-shirt constructions come. However, for the non-cotton-converted, other fabrications such as a breezy linen pick or stretch blend make for equally comfortable and relaxed choices.

A particularly reliable port of sartorial call, you can rarely go wrong with a classic white-T-shirt-and-trousers combo. A much-relied upon base layer on chillier days, a chic stand-alone in the summer months and a common, casual swap for dress shirts with a suit, there’s a reason the Plain White T's deemed the silhouette worthy of a band name.

Though the fear of donning black up-top can often lie with being confused for a member of the hospitality staff, the silhouetted look is not to be underestimated. In fact, Christian Dior said it best when he said, “You can wear black at any time. You can wear it at any age. You may wear it for almost any occasion.”

Levi's crew-neck T-shirt (2-pack)

'Bark and Stroll' oversized T-shirt

A great way to inject some dopamine into your dressing, a colourful tee can go a long way. From pastel shades to vibrant, head-turning hues, donning a brightly coloured T-shirt can level up your looks in a simple flash of cotton construction.

Adidas x Wales Bonner T-shirt

Who said a wardrobe basic can't make a statement? Certainly not these head-turning graphic tees. Printed with everything from uneasy emojis to logo-heavy patterns, the addition of a graphic T-shirt lends a certain nostalgic edge to your daily ensembles, so don't be afraid to get garish.

There's more to long-sleeve T-shirts than having a little more fabric around your forearms, you know. Lending a streetwise vibe to summer 'fits, the long-sleeve tee is more impactful than one might think, and can cater to aesthetics from skater-chic to classic and preppy.

Calling all nostalgics, the impact of an oversized tee is large in both dimensions and aesthetics. Taking cues from the extreme oversized silhouettes of the '90s, this specific cut of tee dates back to the outlandishly large proportions worn by the then-biggest names in hip-hop culture. Fast forward to ‘24, and whilst you don’t need to be familiar with the entire Ye West discography to don the silhouette… we're not saying it wouldn't help.

Oh, so Parisian, the humble Breton takes some beating in the T-shirt stakes. What is a ‘breton’? Well, dear reader, it is simply a good ol' fashion stripey tee. Livelier than a plain tee but equally as classic, the striped tee is officially back in business. Get in amongst it.

Commes Des Garcons Breton T-shirt

Finally, here's an exclusive peek into our editorial team's own favourite foundational pieces. From simple embroidered tees to jacquard knits, this is what you can spot among the crowds at the office, from video and social to writers and freelancers. T-shirts à la team GQ:

Moncler x Adidas Originals T-shirt

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Best T-shirts for men 2024: white tees to long-sleeves | British GQ

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